About our charity The Polish Prince: Support for Poles in the UK

The Polish Prince: Support for Poles in the UK is a new small charity supporting Poles and their families in London and beyond. It has been set up in the spring 2017 with the help of the Polish Prince residing in Ealing, John Zylinski, who is our patron. Our objects are to relieve hardship, sickness, poverty and distress amongst Poles and their families who reside in the UK and to improve their mental, physical and economic wellbeing.

Currently we operate as a virtual citizen’s advice bureau providing support in Polish and English language. Since the opening we have helped over 350 Polish people and families, most of who are based in London and many of them facing severe and multiple disadvantages. We provide to them a free helpline open Monday to Friday between 9 am to 6 pm, as well as information and support via emails and facebook.

Currently we don’t have a physical office where we can meet our clients. One full time staff works from the house of Prince John Zylinski in Ealing, who has kindly lent a room in his private office and a second part time staff works 2 days a week for the charity either from home or from the Prince’s house in Ealing.

We have over 60 volunteers and this number is growing steadily every week, thanks to the Prince’s popularity among the Polish community, who has lent his name to promote the cause. The number of volunteers is growing also thanks to the professional and quick help we provide to those who seek help. Our work wouldn’t be possible without the work our volunteers do. Many of them are professionals and expert in various fields, for example; housing, legal, family law, welfare and benefits, health and disability and many more. We have in our team of volunteers ex-police workers, interpreters, benefit advisers, a psychologist and we co-operate with Polish-speaking solicitors who offer legal aid and also with those who give free advice to our clients. We are growing our helpful contacts and partnerships across London so that we can provide efficient and effective help to our clients, completely free of charge.

Some of the issues that we help with:

  • Domestic violence
  • Homelessness, evictions, housing debts, housing problems, issues with landlords
  • Family issues, divorce, adoptions, single parents
  • Ill and disabled people, e.g. disability benefits, mental health, chronic and terminal illness, accidents, operations, people who need help and stay in a hospital etc.
  • Work and work-related problems, e.g. mobbing, unfair dismissal, statutory sick pay
  • Victims of crime, including hate crime, bullying at school etc.
  • And many other issues.

We keep a detailed statistic of the cases we help each day. Where necessary, we cooperate with public bodies, like the police, councils, housing departments, social services, the NHS etc. in helping individual cases. Those public bodies found our work very helpful as it relives their already strained resources.

Lastly, despite that we are a new small charity, we have a few years’ expertise in providing exactly those support services to Poles living in the UK. Our staff and volunteers have been working for similar charities for months or years before.

Contact us: kontakt@ksiazepomoze.co.uk